Answers to your questions

What is Imagerie des Pionniers?

Imagerie des Pionniers is a privately owned radiology clinic in Terrebonne, Quebec (secteur Lachenaie). The clinic is a Laboratoire d'imagerie médicale (LIM)in Quebec government speak. The clinic opened to the public on 12/10/2005.

Public, private or RAMQ?

The RAMQ covers most exams performed at Imagerie des Pionniers. This includes x-rays, ultrasound and Doppler examinations, as well as bone densitometry.

Ct scan) and MRI are not covered by the RAMQ. These exams are often covered by the CNESST, SAAQ and private insurers. Imagerie des Pionniers hopes the Quebec government will extend RAMQ coverage to CT scans and MRI in private clinics, as they did with ultrasound in 2016.

What are your opening hours, and hours of operation?

The clinic is open from 7AM untill 9PM from Monday to Friday.
It is open from 8AM untill 8PM Saturday and Sunday.

We have temporarily closed weekends at 5PM, and will resume our regurlar schedule at the end of march 2020. We hope to expand operating hours in the near future.

Where is Imagerie des Pionniers located?

Imagerie des Pionniers is located at 950 montée des Pionniers, Terrebonne, J6V 1S8.

What exams are available at Imagerie des Pionniers?

Do I need a prescription?

All exams are done subject to a valid prescription. Your medical specialist or family doctor, as well as dentists, chiropractors and podiatrists also may prescribe some exams. Nurse practitionners and midwives may also prescribe some of the exams available at Imagerie des Pionniers. The Quebec government has announced plans to permit physiotherapists to prescribe some exams, and Imagerie des Pionniers will accept these prescriptions as sonn as the government officializes the position, and that the RAMQ has furnished appropriate information for billing purposes.

Do I need an appointment?

All x-rays are done without an appointment, on a walk-in basis. We strive to keep your time in the clinic to a minimum, and patients are typically in and out of the clinic in ten minutes off peak hours. The time can be longer during peak hours, but we keep three separate x-ray rooms operating so as to not waste your time.

All other exams, including ultrasound and Doppler exams, CT-scans and MRI, as well as bone densitometry are by appointment. We strive to extend our hours of operation so as to have convenient appointements available.