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The CT scan (also known as computed tomography or CAT-Scan) is a medical imaging technique that uses an X-ray beam and rows of sensors in a half-moon arrangement on a mobile arch. The apparatus rotates around the patient to produce internal images of several areas of the body, which are then reproduced by a computer in different viewing planes. The movement of the equipment is not visible from the outside, since the mechanism is encased in a housing.

This radiological examination allows for a more detailed analysis than an X-ray or an ultrasound and is therefore highly effective in diagnosing patients’ health conditions. The images from CT scans can highlight internal lesions present in certain organs. The CT scan can focus on a single part of the body or on large parts of the body, especially to look for metastases. The CT scan allows for the investigation of many health problems.

High-tech CT scanner

At the Imagerie des Pionniers medical imaging laboratory, we use a 16-slice CT scanner that offers a high degree of accuracy while eliminating the discomfort associated with some other more restrictive procedures. Lying on their back, the patient lies in the opening of the device for a few moments on an examination table that slides into a ring (and not a tunnel, as with magnetic resonance imaging). This technique does not usually cause claustrophobia.

The only little discomfort is related to the fact that certain CT scans require the intravenous injection of an iodized dye (contrast agent) so that the images of the organs can be enhanced and the doctor can see any anomalies more clearly.

Types of CT scans

Our medical imaging clinic offers CT scans of different areas of the body:

The total duration of your visit can range from 30 minutes to 1 hour, although the CT scan itself only takes between 5 and 25 minutes.

Specific precautions to take before a CT scan

You must notify the technologist before your CT scan if:

We may ask you to send us a blood test for creatinine (rate of kidney function).

A prescription is required to perform this examination.

Please note that CT scans are not covered by the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ). However, most group insurance plans reimburse the costs.

For more information

You can also contact our team for information about how CT scans work or how to prepare for the exam, or for any other information related to our CT scan services in Terrebonne. We will be pleased to answer all your questions.