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Bone Density Test in Terrebonne

Are you looking for a medical clinic that offers professional bone densitometry service? Our clinic specializing in medical imaging will be delighted to meet you by appointment. Our healthcare professionals have a long experience in medical imaging and are here to help.

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Although Imagerie des Pionniers is a privately owned clinic, our services are generally covered by the Quebec health insurance plan (RAMQ). If you have a medical prescription for a bone densitometry examination, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re proud to offer you a bone densitometry examination service in our medical imaging clinic in Terrebonne.

Find out everything you need to know about the bone density test to be fully prepared.

What Is a Bone Densitometry Test?

Bone densitometry’s definition is a measurement of the bone mineral density, or bone mass, to confirm osteoporosis. Also called osteodensitometry, they help monitor response to osteoporosis treatment and other causes of bone mineralization loss.

Loss of bone density other than osteoporosis is also diagnosed by this test. The bone mineral density test is a safe and painless radiological examination.

What Is the Procedure For a Bone Density Test?

Bone Density Test Preparation

There are a few specific preparations to watch out for :

During The Exam - Bone Densitometry Indications

The bone densitometry test procedure will take place as follows :

Bone Densitometry Preparation

As soon as you arrive in the examination room, you will be asked to remove any metal objects or jewelry that may interfere with our medical equipment. You will then be asked to put on a medical gown and lie down comfortably. The examination is made lying down, without contact and as still as possible. So there are no risk factors of claustrophobia.

How Is a Bone Density Test Done

When moving the X-ray detector, it is strongly recommended to stay still. It is essential to get clear images of your spine, hips, and forearms. You will get the results at a later date, following the analysis by the radiologist and your healthcare professional. You might be asked to complete the examination with additional X-rays of your spine.

How Long Does a Bone Density Test Take?

It is good to plan about 60 minutes for the appointment, although the bone density scan could be as short as 20 minutes.

Additional Information

Don’t forget to bring your medical prescription, otherwise, we will not be able to perform the bone densitometry scan. Also, note that our service is covered by the Quebec health insurance plan (RAMQ).

If you have any questions regarding our bone densitometry examination service, please contact us. An experienced member of our medical imaging clinic will be happy to take your call.