Imagerie des Pionniers opened to the public on December 10th, 2005. The origins of the clinic can be traced back to the 1960's, before the RAMQ came to be. Originally known as Radiologie Repentigny, the clinic offered conventional radiography and fluoroscopy services to the local population from its location on Notre-Dame Street in Repentigny.

Sensitive to the changing necessities of the population and the radical technological developments that happened since the creation of Radiologie Repentigny, Dr Lyette Perreault and Dr Pierre Lacaille-Bélanger made a major investment in 2005, founding Imagerie des Pionniers. A new location, brand new equipment and infrastructure were set up to fulfill the clinic's mission: to Excel. The clinic is privately owned but dispenses services covered by the RAMQ.

From its inception, Imagerie des Pionniers has worked tirelessly to provide the best and most timely services to the population, both local and from other regions. Continuously perfecting itself, the clinic regularly invests in its radiological equipment and technological infrastructure as well as in the training of the medical professionals and support staff.

Over the years, modernization and replacement of high-tech equipment have succeeded one another at Imagerie des Pionniers with the objective of offering diverse services to satisfy both our customers' needs and their physicians' high standards. The offices have been renovated in 2016 and the IT infrastructure completely redrawn from the ground up. This investment of a million dollars serves to establish Imagerie des Pionniers as a leader in its field for the coming decade. Technological developments aside, we have expanded our offering and opening hours to be at the disposition of every patient.

As a proud and responsible partner, Imagerie des Pionniers holds an operating permit (Laboratoire d'Imagerie Médicale) delivered by the Ministère de la Santé et des Services Sociaux du Québec, renewed annually, as well as being certified by Agrément Canada. We also have service agreements with the RAMQ, the Centre Hospitalier Pierre-Le Gardeur, the CSSSSL, the CSST, the SAAQ and with many other service partners.

Imagerie des Pionniers has invested close to a million dollars to renew its three x-ray rooms in 2019-2020 to provide the best customer service.

With retirement as a short-term project, this led Dr Lyette Perreault to withdraw herself from the company’s shareholding on February 1st, 2022. Concurrently, Dr Pierre-Luc Côté joined the shareholding to enable a succession in this role and to pursue the company’s growth objectives with Dr Pierre Lacaille-Bélanger.

In spring 2022, the clinic invested half a million dollars to upgrade its CT system by replacing it with a brand-new CT-Scan Revolution Maxima thus allowing better clinical and technical performance.

In 2023, Imagerie des Pionniers added the radioscopy service to its operating license. This addition of services, to those currently offered to customers, is in line with our commitment to continuous improvement.

To seek excellence at Imagerie des Pionniers, involves a constant evaluation and reassessment of every facet of the company, in order to offer the very best customer service.

Dr Pierre Lacaille-Bélanger

Dr Pierre-Luc Côté