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Virtual Colonoscopy: Definition and Procedure

If you are looking for the perfect place to have your virtual colonoscopy, look no further. Imagerie des Pionniers is a specialized medical imaging clinic. Our medical staff is highly qualified to perform a non-invasive virtual colonoscopy.

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Please note that virtual reality colonoscopy is done by appointment only. Besides our virtual colonoscopy service, we also offer various medical imaging services, such as:

Our clinic is privately owned, but the majority of our services are covered by the Quebec health insurance plan (RAMQ). If you have a medical prescription for a virtual colonoscopy, don’t hesitate to visit our clinic in Terrebonne (Lachenaie). We pride ourselves on providing fast, professional, courteous, and discreet service.

Discover all the details of our virtual colonoscopy service as well as the ways to prepare yourself.

What is a virtual colonoscopy?

This is a specialized CT scan using very low doses of radiation. This exam allows an evaluation of the colon for polyps and cancer. Our 3D reconstruction and semi-automated detection software help interpret these studies.

Coloscopie virtuelle

An example of reconstruction by virtual colonoscopy

Virtual colonoscopy, which was described in the 1990s, replaces the barium enema which was first described in 1904. Imagerie des Pionniers no longer offers barium enemas. Unlike the search for occult blood in the stool (another colorectal cancer screening technique) which mainly looks for cancers, virtual colonoscopy searches for polyps, which are the precursors to full-blown cancers.

What can a Virtual Colonoscopy Detect?

Virtual colonoscopy is optimised to detect 6 mm and larger colonic mucosal polypoid lesions. It may be ordered from the outset by your doctor as a screening test for colon and rectal cancer, but is usually reserved for patients unwilling or unable to undergo optical colonoscopy.

Conventional Colonoscopy vs Virtual Colonoscopy

Virtual colonoscopy is often prescribed when an optical colonoscopy is incomplete, too painful, or contraindicated because of the risk of bleeding in a person on anticoagulation. Conventional (optical) colonoscopy has the advantage of permitting tissue sampling during the diagnostic exam. Rare daths have been reported with conventional colonoscopy, but not with virtual colonoscopy. Conventional colonoscopy tends to find any more polyps than virtual colonoscopy, becaus tiny sub 6 mm polyps are so much more prevalent. The sub 6 mm polyps are almost always hyperplastic (bening) polyps of little or no clinical significance.

How Is an Exam Carried Out in a Radiology Clinic?

Virtual Colonoscopy Preparation

Here’s how you should prepare for a virtual colonoscopy. Since this is an examination of your colon, the evacuation of stool residues is essential. It is important to follow the written directions which will be provided to you in writing when you make your appointment:

Diet Instruction

Two days before the exam, maintain a light diet. Here is what this diet consists of:

Liquids allowed:

Food allowed:

It is strongly advised to avoid small stone fruits, grains and legumes, red meat, dairy, or soy products.

Food Plan and Medication

The day before the exam, do not eat any solid food. You can consume liquid meal replacements and it is recommended that you drink about two 250 ml glasses of clear liquid. At lunch, take the first preparation of Purg-Odan. Drink several glasses of clear liquid over the next hour.

At your lunch, drink half of the barium mixture and take 2 Bisacodyl tablets.

At dinner, avoid liquid meal replacements and consume only clear liquids such as chicken broth or water. Take the second Purg-Odan preparation, the rest of the Readi-CAT bottle, and drink a glass of water every ten minutes for the next hour.

At around 9 p.m., take 2 more Bisacodyl tablets with a glass of water. Then take your contrast liquid (Gastrographin) unless you are allergic to iodine. Divide the liquid between two glasses of clear liquid.

As of midnight start fasting. For the morning of the exam, do not eat or drink, smoke, or chew gum. Take your usual medication with a small amount of water.

What Is a Virtual Colonoscopy Procedure

As soon as you arrive in the virtual colonoscopy examination room, we will invite you to put on a medical gown and remove any jewelry or metal object that may interfere with our imaging equipment. You can then lie down comfortably on the examination table.

When you are lying down and relaxed, we insert a small flexible tube into your rectum to inflate your colon with CO2. CO2 is used instead of ambient air because it is quickly absorbed and released through breathing rather than through passing gas.

Is a Virtual Colonoscopy Painful?

Discomfort might be felt at this stage, but it goes away quickly in most people. Then we inject an intestinal relaxant (Buscopan) and take two sets of images of about 30 seconds each, one lying on your back, and the other lying on your stomach. The examination is then finished.

How Long Does a Virtual Colonoscopy Take?

Allow around 60 minutes for the appointment, although the exam itself only lasts a few minutes.

Additional information

You will need your prescription to take the test. This exam is not covered by the Quebec health insurance plan. For any questions regarding the virtual colonoscopy examination contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions.