Virtual Colonoscopy

On appointment

Using very low doses of radiation, this examination provides an evaluation of the colon and helps look for polyps and cancer. A 3D reconstruction and detection software help interpret these scans.


On appointment

Ultrasound exams are one of the most ubiquitous diagnostic procedures, being quick and painless. Using sound waves, the interior of the body is examined in real time.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

On appointment

Magnetic resonance imaging is the tool of choice for the investigation of many health problems. The evaluation of the brain, spine, and joints (shoulders, knees, and others) has been revolutionized by MRI.

Bone densitometry

On appointment

This test measures bone mineral density and helps diagnose osteoporosis and monitor the response to treatment for osteoporosis.

Conventional Radiography

Without appointment

Radiography (X-ray) is the basic tool of radiological investigation. Tests such as chest and knee X-rays help make many common diagnoses, such as pneumonia, fractures, and arthritis. Our medical imaging center performs X-ray exams without an appointment.

CT Scan

On appointment

The CT scan is a technique that allows for the investigation of many health problems. The radiation used produces images of the anatomy in slices.

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